The main objective of the Gérontopôle Nouvelle Aquitaine is to develop research and innovation in the field of assistance for better ageing: prevention, promotion of dynamic ageing, training of personnel, support for the elderly in all their choices, whatever their needs in terms of health, autonomy, mobility, housing or, more broadly, their place in the society of tomorrow.
The aim is to create and lead an ecosystem of mutual collaboration in order to create links between industrialists, professionals and scientists working in the field of ageing, local authorities and the elderly, who are the primary beneficiaries of all the work, in order to create new solutions.
The NA Gerontopole is positioned as a centre of resources and cross-expertise to support innovative projects in favour of ageing well. It is a place of convergence for all initiatives of general interest related to support for autonomy, carried out by all regional players in research, care, home help, public authorities, companies, user associations, living labs, etc.
The purpose of Gérontopôle Nouvelle Aquitaine is to bring together and strengthen the dynamics around ageing between players in research, care, training, innovation and business and local authorities. Gérontopôle Nouvelle Aquitaine is positioned as a major player in the development of the region and its players, and in the creation of value to better meet the challenge of ageing.

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