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January 2021

HCN has participated in several international projects where we developed practical knowledge database resources. The case materials collected represent different areas of practical experience and provide lessons for implementation in practice.

The case materials always respond to the defined problems of the projects, outline the various solutions available, and offer proven results that showcase a range of services, investments, policies, interventions, and programmes as possible and optimal solution for the problems addressed.

These include 6 main areas where practical knowledge and related resources are available:

a4i project: Alliance for Inclusive Investment for care and social support (Resources will be available during 2021).

Cross4Health project: Aerospace and energy as catalyst for biotechnology, ICT and medical devices for health innovation among SMEs

Innolabs project: Leveraging cross capacity of SMEs building between ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine sectors for new emerging industries in personalized health

HealthEquity-2020 project: Reducing health inequalities in European regions

Bench-Can project: Improving the quality of cancer care

EUREGIO III project: New perspectives on the application of healthcare related structural funds

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