Mondragon University ENPRESAGINTZA S. COOP.



MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is a non-profit cooperative university of social vocation and public interest focused on the needs of businesses and organisations. Albeit being officially established in 1997, its academic activity started in 1960, seeking to continue the tradition of the former Sancti Spiritus University of Oñati, built in 1542.

The University is member of the Mondragon Group, the leading private industrial group of the Basque Country and the 7th in the Spanish ranking. It is a shared project of cooperative work culture with a decentralised, self-managed and sustainable model. It consists of more than 260 enterprises employing 100.000 workers, combining the use of democratic methods in its organisation with special emphasis on job creation, social impact, the promotion of its workers in human and professional terms and a commitment to the development of its social environment.

The University has 4 faculties and 9 sites (among which two “innovation cities”, one in Donostialdea and one in Bilbao) and in 2008-2009 was the first Basque university adapting its offer to the European HES. Excellence and innovativeness in training and education are key priorities. The FACULTY OF BUSINESS STUDIES (Enpresagintza: Mondragon Unibertsitatea) has a close relationship with nearby and foreign companies. Thus, its educational offer is up to date with the market needs of the qualified workforce. Social entrepreneurship among students is fostered through academic activities of internships and collaboration with companies. The Faculty has strong expertise in designing, evaluating and accrediting innovative entrepreneurship education programs and training methods. According to the Bologna Spirit, it promotes new teaching and learning methods, emphasizing the methodology of “learning by doing” (eg Projects and Problems Based curricula).

Mondragon University has created an interesting network for organizations, students and social entrepreneurs and over these years, has been working with over 100 projects on national, European and in global level connected to social entrepreneurship. In fact, it is the only university in Spain which has an official degree in entrepreneurship and innovation and many of the graduates become social entrepreneurs.

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