INTENT Project

INTENT Project

Padova, Italy


INTENT – UsIng guidelines and beNchmarking to Trigger social entrepreneurship solutions towards better patient-centred cancer care in cENTral Europe

The INTENT project will put in place the know-how, competencies and capacity to capitalise on benchmarking and social entrepreneurship in harmonising and improving patient-centered cancer care in Central Europe. This will result in better understanding of what patient-centered care means; new tools and methods to implement this approach; relevant policy recommendations and local stakeholders working together to identify what needs improving and generating innovative solutions.

The INTENT outputs that will benefit cancer care providers, patients, and policy makers taking part in 5 pilot actions include: a patient-centered cancer care model with implementation guidelines; policy recommendation(s) for adopting the patient-centered model, an online benchmarking tool to show what needs doing better to deliver patient-centered care, performance improvement plans that identify priorities for local improvement, a virtual ‘know how’ centre that will host good practices, benchmarking results.

Transnational cooperation matters because the need for better patient-centered care is a shared challenge in Central Europe and making this happen is highly dependent on comparable benchmarking results, good practices, and innovative solutions. Looking to the future, INTENT will provide the basis for crossover collaboration with industry in unlocking the innovation potential of public services as part of RIS3 and ESIF Operational Programme implementation and next period planning in pilot and partner regions.

Starting in September 2017, the project has a duration of 3 years and is supported by the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE funding programme of the European Union.

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