CEVRO Institute

Prague, Czech Republic


CEVRO Institute is a private college offering undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs, many unique. It offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s programs focusing on legal and social sciences, within which students can study the disciplines of law, political science, economics, sociology, security, public administration and modern management methods.
Great emphasis is laid on students: CEVRO Institute creates conditions for their personal development, teaches them to form and stand up for their own opinions. An individual approach is a given. CEVRO Institute is a place where students can feel at home and where quality, not quantity comes first. CEVRO Institute’s strategic aim is that its graduates rate highly in the labour market and are successful, which is statistically proven.

The Center for Health and Social Studies (CZSS) was established in 2012 as the CEVRO Institute’s internal research, education and counselling centre. It focuses on teaching, grant and project activities as well as commercial activities in the health and social sphere. An integral activity of the Center is the organization of seminars and roundtables with key personalities in health care and social services and the issue of a newsletter.

Main focus of the Centre: systematically focus to interdisciplinary health and social policy and management research, providing consultancy services in health and social policies and management field, inviting contacts with similar workplaces in the Czech Republic and around the world, organizing educational programs focusing on the health and social spheres, in particular teaching within the bachelor’s, master’s and other educational programs of the CEVRO Institute and publish the results of the activities in both Czech and foreign specialized periodicals as well as the daily press.

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