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Other – 10 March 2024

DIGIT-PRE (part of the I3 programme – Interregional, Investment, Innovation)is not just another project; it also stands as a powerful tool for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to bring their innovative healthcare products to market rapidly. The project uniquely focuses on consumer-facing solutions that target prevention, prediction, and remote care. It offers SMEs a personalized Innovation Support Program, which spans up to 15 months and provides access to funding and investor networks rooted in a digital framework with potential travel within the EU. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face opportunities and challenges in today’s dynamic business landscape. In addition to receiving financial support, here’s what we will offer for those selected for our programme:

🚀 Personalized Innovation Support: Your journey begins with a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) who assesses your innovation focus and performance, ensuring a strong start. 

💡 Comprehensive Services: Gain access to regulatory advice, funding insights, market strategies, and networking opportunities to thrive in your unique context. 

🌟 Real-World Validation: Test your prototypes in large-scale demonstrators and testbeds, perfect for refining innovations and enhancing market viability. 

💰 Investment Guidance: Craft compelling pitches, explore funding opportunities, and participate in investor events with our KAMs by your side. 

🌍 International Expansion: Discover European business opportunities through events, networking, and key stakeholder engagement. 

🧠 Expertise at Your Fingertips: Benefit from consultations, mentoring, and expert evaluation panels, ensuring guidance at every step. 

📈 Compelling Value Proposition: We’ll work closely with you to generate evidence supporting your unique value proposition, preparing you for negotiations and investment opportunities. 

Twelve projects have been selected through an open call to participate in the Digit-Pre Innovation Support Programme:

1. “Pain and Gain” by Kinetics Analysis (NL-South) & WaveUp (FR-Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

2. “A Healthier Tomorrow” by Lifesify (SE-Skåne) & En Frisk Generation (SE-Västerbotten)

3. “Impacting Post Stroke” by Imvi Labs (SE-Skåne) & Accelerated Growth Lab (RO)

4. “Accelerated preventive elderly care and increased quality of life” by Hestia Agora (SE-Skåne) & Inlisol (FI)

5. “Fun4Function” by Embedded Fitness (NL-South) & NeuroInova (PO)

6. “Confidence” by Promptly (PO) & Canarybit (SE-Skåne)

7. “Magic Trailz” by InnoSportLab (NL-South), EstiMates (FI) & Dutch Rose Media (NL-South)

8. “TwinRehab” by EUC Inovaçãao Portugal (PO) & Kinetics Analysis Group (NL-South)

9. “Robin Assistant” by Bemika Group (NL-West) & Nantech Solutions (NL-South)

10. “DCDCare” by ReMotion (FR-Hauts-de-France) & Lumenart (NL-South)

11. “Towards Adherent” by Ai2Ai (FI), Scandinavian Phystec (SE-Skåne) & Carna eHealth (FI)

12. “MoVR” by SportsImprov VR (NL-South) and MiTale (FI)

Read more about the project: www.digit-pre.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Interregional Innovation Investments Instruments (I3) work programme.

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