SMILE Webinar Series – Providing digitalised prevention & prediction support for ageing people in smart living environments

News Item – 30 April 2024

The SMILE Horizon 2020 project, led by a consortium of 13 partners from the EU and Canada, supports older adults with severe health conditions in ‘ageing in place.’ Within our living labs, we actively engage senior citizens, particularly those with COPD, dementia, or post-surgery, to comprehensively understand their unique needs and preferences for in-home care. We provide collaboratively developed SMILE digital technology and other e-health solutions embedded in Smart Inclusive Living Environments, specifically tailored to address the challenges frail older people face in their everyday living.

Our collaboration with the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) presents a significant opportunity for our consortium. In a recent IFA Global Café session in April 2024, our colleague Dr Ad van Berlo from SMILE, founder of SmartHomes shared valuable learnings and insights from our project, which explores ‘ ‘The ethical imperative for data collection, sharing and merging‘.

Before that, in February 2024, our colleagues Prof. Lars Kayser and Emilie Kauffeldt Wegener from the University of Copenhagen hold a webinar on ‘Leveraging digital technology to improve the social inclusion of older adults’.

These joint IFA-SMILE sessions provide an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and share insights on a range of topics related to ageing. As an organization, IFA is committed to viewing all workstreams through the lens of the four action areas of the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing, and in doing so, IFA strive to develop a common agenda that influences and shapes age-related policies.

If you are interested in advancing human-centred policies addressing the needs of ageing populations, watch the conversations here.

Project website: www.smileehealth.eu

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