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SMILE E-HEALTH SOLUTIONS CATALOGUE – Incorporation, integration and validation of new value-based digital solutions

News Item – 23 February 2022

Be part of the SMILE SLE ecosystem!
SMILE was launched in 2021 funded by the EC and Canada to create smart inclusive living environments (SLE) for older people with novel e-health solutions.
Submit your application to be included in our catalogue if you have a relevant available solution, like a personal mHealth app, or an eHealth monitor and other devices.


The three-year-long project SMILE will provide novel digitalised solutions to enable older people to live a healthy, self-determined, safe, and socially integrated life in their living environment. This support of “everyday life” is based on a concept combining prevention, prediction, communication, timely care, and assistance. It will help older people remain connected with their community and live in their preferred place of residence for as long as they are able to meet their changing needs.


This will be achieved by developing a) the Digital Care Facilitator, an AI-based integration system, supported by (b) a conversational agent as an everyday intermediary between the older person, family, friends and other members of their circles of care, and (c) personal mHealth apps, and eHealth monitors and devices. These will smoothly support older people and their circles of care to adapt to changing circumstances, needs, preferences and to self or co-manage their condition(s).


We aim to build a catalogue of digital solutions making available relevant innovative products/services for testing in different care systems and markets.

Related mHealth apps/devices selected from the SMILE solutions catalogue will be selected for testing locally in our SMILE Living Labs. This way these Living Labs will have easy access to complementary technology solutions to their primary technology set-up.

Apply here to be included: https://solutions.smileehealth.eu/apply


Very diverse populations of older people will benefit from the SMILE results and products in our ageing societies. We will co-create and demonstrate our SLE ecosystem in “everyday life” across four pilot sites (in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada). We will demonstrate that our ecosystem satisfies and meets the demanding needs of very heterogeneous groups, i.e., older people with severe dementia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and care transitions during post-surgery recovery.


SMILE brings together 13 partner institutions from five countries (Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, and Canada), including academic institutions, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and a non-profit organisation with complementary knowledge and expertise.


Project website: www.smileehealth.eu

Follow the project on Twitter: @smileehealth

Follow the project on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/smile-horizon-2020-project/?viewAsMember=true

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