University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


With over 37,000 students and more than 7,000 employees, the University of Copenhagen is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark. The purpose of the University – to quote the University Statute – is to ’conduct research and provide further education to the highest academic level’.

Department of Public Health, Section of Health Service Research The important aspect of treatment and prevention in the primary sector as well as secondary sector is covered by the Department of Public Health. The aim of public health research is to create a scientific foundation for improving the health of the population. This research investigates the health status of the population, efforts being made to improve the health of the population and the endeavours of society to reduce morbidity and mortality. The research is multi-disciplinary and performed by researchers trained in medicine, natural science, social science, and the humanities. The profile and resources of the institutions contribute to the understanding of the behaviour of people in the context of the department, innovation and the health care system.

SHCN works with UCPH in the SMILE Project and leads WP2 responsible for the design and evaluation of the technology development and implementation.

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