Turku, Finland


Business Turku is one of the largest and oldest scientific parks in Finland. The area includes two universities and two universities of applied sciences and over 300 organisations and businesses. Also, the Turku University Hospital is located in the same area. Biotechnology and ICT are the key domains of Business Turku. Turku is Finland’s leader in biotechnology with around one-half of Finland’s medical industry and diagnostics companies.

Its vision is that, by 2035, the Business Turku will have been expanded to the other side of the Helsingingtie road, the current location of the Itäharju industrial area. In the future, Business Turku will be even better at combining working, living and recreational activities as neutral parts of the existing city structures and public transportation. Such high efficiency would enable getting a wide range of services in the area, while all kinds of buildings from low to high would not only create variety but also leave room for vast park areas.

SHCN works with Business Turku on the Digit-Pre project.

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