Tellu is a turnkey vendor providing a large portfolio of welfare and eHealth services as well as equipment like safety alarms, and medical devices to institutions and municipalities. Tellu’s main offering is TelluCloud, an eHealth and welfare integration platform for connectivity, device management, edge computing, data gathering, data processing and presentation. The platform offers complete management and trustworthy execution and processing across the IoT, edge and cloud space. As a technology company, we both provide our platform as part of a system of systems with service providers and partners to deliver business-critical services and we deliver stand-alone SaaS to end customers.

Tellu’s main markets are currently the health and home care market in Norway and the Nordics, and the personnel safety market in the Netherlands. We also have small installations in other markets, and the ambition is to significantly grow our international business. In 2020 Telenor eHealth division merged into Tellu, making Tellu one of the main welfare technology players in Norway.

Tellu has contributed to numerous national and international R&D projects and is currently involved in several EU projects within the fields of CPS, IoT, edge and cloud computing.


SHCN works with Tellu on SMILE where Tellu provides the TelluCloud eHealth platform in WP3. Tellu will implement support for collecting patient data both from relevant medical and welfare sensor devices and from human interaction with the system through chatbots and questionnaires in WP2. 

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