Stichting tanteLouise offers a complete package of services of home care, (assisted) living, care, nursing and supplementary services in the municipalities of Bergen op Zoom, Woensdrecht and Steenbergen in the South-West of the Netherlands. TanteLouise currently employs 1,890 professional staff and 850 volunteers. TanteLouise is a professional organization, one of the leading healthcare institutions in the Netherlands through innovation. TanteLouise provides nursing care to over 1,150 clients in their care centres and nursing homes, daycare to more than 400 clients and specialist care in the home situation.

The mission statement of tanteLouise is: To provide best care possible in a homelike environment. This is what tanteLouise wants to achieve by delivering high-quality complex care and nursing in people’s homes and from the locations of tanteLouise. TanteLouise has a track record of groundbreaking care for people with dementia. Using smart sensors combined with a well-structured care plan, patients with advanced dementia can live in freedom with a high quality of life. In addition to providing care, tanteLouise invests in innovative care concepts and therefore received several awards, like the National Smart Homes Award, the prestigious Hans van den Bosch prize and a European Silver Economy Award. According to the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare tanteLouise is one of the top 10 care providers in The Netherlands.


SHCN works with tanteLouise on the SMILE H2020 project where TL is mainly involved in WP2 User-Centred Design and Evaluation and WP4 Piloting the SMILE SLE ecosystem and digital solutions, as one of the pilot sites, focused on Dementia patients.

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