Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech

Oslo, Norway


Norway Health Tech, recently renamed from Oslo Medtech, is positioned as a major international health technology cluster on behalf of the Norwegian healthcare sector.

Our focus areas are to facilitate R & D and industrial cooperation between research, industry and health personnel. We stimulate and help market driven innovation and facilitate clinical studies, testing and verifications. We participate in business development and international scaling, building investment networks and investments meeting venues. And we play a role in innovative procurement processes.

We have a vision of making Norway the world’s best arena for health innovation. We will provide better healthcare solutions for all, through the dissemination of innovative solutions, cross-sector cooperation, and ensure that our members have the best contacts and relationships of relevant stakeholders in the global ecosystem.

Our main objective is to improve the quality of treatment and care by industrializing healthcare solutions in the global ecosystem. We aim to create sustainable solutions for the major global health challenges, by strengthening competitiveness and facilitating strong growth in the Norwegian healthcare industry and expanding international cooperation.

We will work to address patient needs and create healthcare solutions by connecting members and users with their preferred partners so that they can get the most modern and up-to-date solutions in the healthcare sector. Perhaps the most important part of our work is to provide access to a large quality network that represents the entire value chain in the global health ecosystem.

SHCN and NHT are partners in SMILE and also worked together in INNOLABS and Cross4Health HORIZON2020 projects.

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