Innlandet Hospital Trust (IHT)


Innlandet Hospital Trust (IHT) covers 42 municipalities in Norway that together make up a land area 20% larger than Denmark. IHT is one of the largest public health care providers in Norway with around 8500 employees who serve a population of around 350,000 people. IHT delivers somatic and mental health and care, habilitation and rehabilitation services, and interdisciplinary specialized drug treatment. The Innlandet region has the country’s largest population of inhabitants above 65 years compared to the working-age population, and the percentage of elders will only increase by 2040. Furthermore, half of the inhabitants in the Innlandet region are living in rural areas. The increasing ageing of the population, the always-growing costs of the national healthcare program, and the request for innovative digital health services that enable citizens to stay longer at home are paving the way to the development of a smarter living environment for ageing people.


SHCN work with IHT on SMILE where IHT is the project coordinator. In addition, IHT provides one of the pilot sites for implementing the existing and developed technologies from the SMILE project. As with other pilot sites, it provides the data and input needed for other work packages of the project.


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