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Cloud DX is a fast-growing medical hardware and software platform developer based in Kitchener, ON and Brooklyn NY. Our patented software applications analyze streams of raw biological data to generate vital sign results with medical-grade accuracy. Our Connected Health Platform includes proprietary, approved medical devices to collect data; patient and clinician portals enabling remote monitoring and care plan management; and advanced machine learning algorithms that predict patient health outcomes. Through patient-friendly mobile technology, clinicians can monitor a wide variety of biosignals such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, temperature and blood glucose levels. Technologies currently in development will enable continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, as well as movement and posture.


SHCN works with Cloud DX on SMILE where Cloud DX will provide the SMILE project with 200 units of the Vitalitiā„¢ Continuous Vital Sign Monitors (CVSM), lead the system integration efforts to customize the technology workflow to optimize remote patient monitoring, and support the data science lifecycle throughout the project duration.

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