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Launching the Digit-Pre project – DIGITAL tools delivering PREvention, prediction and remote care through a resilient EU value network to reduce health system stressors in a post-COVID world.

News Item – 09 October 2022

The Digit -Pre project was launched on 3 October 2022 with 10 partner organisations. The project is planning to launch a sustainable EU Value Network that generates value through linked activities while supporting companies to be competitive and sustainable.

It will have a specific focus on consumer-facing digital health solutions for prevention, prediction & remote care in a post-COVID world. The project draws on expertise from relevant leading value chains for digital solutions and learning from an interregional innovation pilot (SUSTAIN).

The consortium includes 4 developed, 3 transition and 3 less developed regions.

DIGIT-PRE has 5 main objectives:

1. Build a portfolio of demand-led solutions for digitalising prevention, prediction and remote care in health and care ecosystems
2. Build capacity in less developed regions to take part in the DIGIT-PRE Value Network
3. Secure additional investment to support acceleration to market or residual investment needs in shared S3 priority areas
4. Accelerate innovation by providing access to large-scale demonstration living labs and test beds for solutions validation and scale-up
5. Go international to boost access to global supply and value chains.

From this collaboration, we will support the growth of SMEs in the emerging DIGIT-PRE industry that generates and scale up mHealth apps and devices for prevention, prediction, and secondary prevention as part of remote care.

The partners involved in the proposal lead in each of their sectors and are already engaged with prospective challenge owners in their regions. The project will ensure that 70% of the grant is allocated to investments in companies while seeking long-term sustainability of the action including growth funds and market access for scaling companies and replicating project results to serve as the basis for similar initiatives.

Website: https://www.digit-pre.eu/


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Interregional Innovation Investments Instruments (I3) work programme.

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