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Digit-Pre: Open Call launched for SMEs developing digital health solutions

News Item – 27 September 2023


Innovation is our greatest ally in a world marked by constant change and growing challenges. As we navigate the intricate web of societal needs and health-related issues, one project has emerged to transform healthcare through innovation and collaboration. This is the story of DIGIT PRE, an initiative that seeks to revolutionize healthcare by empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 


The journey of DIGIT-PRE began with a deep dive into the complex world of healthcare challenges. After scrutinizing the landscape for the first half-year of the project, it became clear that we shared numerous challenges across regions. From the lack of physical activity and proper nutrition to the pressing issues of mental health, an ageing population, and the proliferation of chronic diseases, our society faces an array of interconnected health challenges. The urgency of the situation demanded swift action. 

If we aspire to prevent people from getting ill, we must introduce innovative solutions to the market as soon as possible. DIGIT PRE is our response to this urgency. However, we recognized that regions varied in their capabilities to tackle these challenges and that there was no solution. Thus, DIGIT PRE was conceived not only as a solution but as a catalyst for equal access to smart health solutions and knowledge transfer between partners and regions. 

What is DIGIT PRE? 

DIGIT-PRE (part of the I3 programme – Interregional, Investment, Innovation)is not just another project; it also stands as a powerful tool for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to bring their innovative healthcare products to market rapidly. The project uniquely focuses on consumer-facing solutions that target prevention, prediction, and remote care. It offers SMEs a personalized Innovation Support Program, which spans up to 15 months and provides access to funding and investor networks rooted in a digital framework with potential travel within the EU. 

What Do We Offer? 

DIGIT PRE opens doors for SMEs, offering them access to new markets, testbeds and Living Labs, capital, and engagement with public actors. The Innovation Support Program (ISP) is the cornerstone of this initiative, providing SMEs with a tailored journey, assessment, custom support and services, evaluation by experienced innovation/business coaches, validation and demonstration opportunities, communication support, pitch training, access to investor days, and access to Key Account Management (KAM). Financial support is also part of the package. 

Why This Specific Setup? 

Partnerships lie at the heart of DIGIT PRE’s success. Recognizing the shared challenges across regions, we are determined to see progress in all markets. This calls for cross-border partnerships, and though the ideal scenario would involve partnerships across all regions, we acknowledge the pragmatism of starting with 2-3 partners (one main partner and one or two complementing partners). Evidence from previous projects has shown that this crossover approach significantly reduces time to market. 

Consumer-facing solutions take centre stage because they are a faster path to impact than entering the public healthcare sector. Solutions ranging from Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 6 to 9 are prioritized, ensuring a maturity level necessary for accelerated market entry and expansion into new application areas. 

Who Can Join? 

Participation in DIGIT PRE is open to SMEs in specific DIGIT PRE regions and offers consumer-facing products or services targeting TRL 6-9 maturity levels. SMEs are encouraged to form partnerships, creating a dynamic Lead Partner and Supporting Partner dynamic with the potential for a silent partner. See the DIGIT-PRE regions

Partnership Structure 

The Lead Partner, a member of the DIGIT PRE family, receives comprehensive support throughout the journey, exploring EU projects from an insider’s perspective. The Supporting Partner, although outside the DP consortium, plays a vital role with a smaller commitment but significant impact potential. New partnerships mean new pathways to success. 

Examples of Potential Applicants 

Imagine an SME with a desire to enter a new specific market, one with a product it wishes to adopt, or one needing local support to expand into a new market. Picture an SME eager to add new features to an existing product or gain access to a specific target group or larger partner. These are the stories we aim to bring to life through DIGIT-PRE. 

How to Proceed? 

Now, we invite you to take action! Create your profile on our website, find your partner(s) in our matchmaking tool and respond to our Open Call! 

Apply to the Open Call

The DIGIT PRE story has just begun, and we invite you to join this journey! 


To learn more about the DIGIT-PRE project, please visit our website at https://www.digit-pre.eu/.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Interregional Innovation Investments Instruments (I3) work programme.

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