Clinic-industry cooperation

July 2017

Health systems and their services across the EU have the potential to provide an open space for research and innovation if the potential for clinic-industry collaboration can be better understood and realised. In particular, using this clinic settings for non-drug products provides an underused vehicle to enable active end-user involvement in developing, testing and generating products that help improve patient outcomes while being affordable and less-invasive.

  • This matters for health care providers operating with static public budgets who still need to adapt services and investment to deal with ageing populations, rising co-morbidities and the related drives for patient empowerment and more personalised care.
  • It matters for industry – and SMEs especially – who often see little incentive in trying to access local and national markets
  •  And it should matter for public authorities trying to make their region, cities and communities more attractive places to invest in, live and work.

For example, if you are a region that was de-industrialised but its communities lack a renewed sense of identity and purpose, or a rural region with an ageing population losing its younger people who leave for university or employment opportunities, one of the public services you still have are health care services. And they are an asset to be more fully leveraged for regional development overall and finding local solutions to local needs. In addition to the role of the public sector in catalysing innovation in the wider economy, there is an urgent need to power innovation within the public sector itself in order to unlock radical productivity improvements and efficiency gains, to foster the creation of more public value and a better response to local and cross-border challenges

To this end, we work with regional innovation clusters, SMEs and public authorities and services on practical projects that show how clinic-industry collaboration can be improved e.g. DanuBalt and INNOLABS.

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Joanna Lane

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