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Accelerating and Succeeding in the Health Market

News Item – 19 December 2017

Supporting SMEs and Start-ups

As if our health care systems are not already complex enough, how they are designed and deliver needs to adapt to the consequences of the aging populations, chronic diseases, and rising comorbidities. This means stakeholders having to balance between developing new, more flexible and integrated service networks, and carrying on with the traditional, acute hospital-centric model of care. What makes this harder is that health care providers work in a competitive environment due to financial constraints. So, what can help to renew our systems?

Health innovation is of key importance in reconfiguring health care, in which its actors can have a crucial role. As HCN says:

“In seeking to become modern, responsible and sustainable health care systems and health care providers should (i) be encouraged to become co-producers of health innovation through participation with industry and research facilities and (ii) be open to new and affordable innovation products. The issue here is not the cost of new innovation products and the changes to service provision they enable. It is if their adoption reduces the demand for and the costs of acute and long-term services especially.”

INNOLABS is focussing on smart health solutions that can contribute to cost-effective, needs-led, and sustainable care provision along the care continuum. The aim is to deliver new products and services for healthcare building upon the capacity from European SMEs belonging to the fields of ICT, Health, BIO and Medicine.

To inform our project and help understand how SMEs and start-ups can be supported to accelerate and succeed in the health care market, the consortium collected information about the opportunities and challenges that the health care systems face and the main issues that shape these. This work was informed by lessons from earlier projects and initiatives, interviews with 6 consortium cluster partners, and 24 SMEs and other third parties from these clusters.

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